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School and Community Sport consist of the Active Schools and Sports Development teams within West Lothian. The main aim of School and Community Sport is to encourage more people to deliver opportunities in sport within schools and the wider community and provide more opportunities to participate in sport.

Why volunteer?

Volunteering can help provide opportunities to:

• Gain practical experience

• Develop transferable skills and learning

• Foster key relationships with local partners- potential references /future employers

• Access training and qualifications (if appropriate)

• Make a difference and have fun!

Key outcomes of becoming involved in volunteering are to develop confidence through communication with groups, listening to individuals and supporting young people to become more physically active.

Volunteering can provide a real sense of personal fulfilment and achievement, with the opportunity to make friends, establish new contacts, and reward you by developing new skills and mastering fresh challenges.


Opportunities with School and Community Sport

There are many different opportunities that exist for volunteers within the Sports Development and Active Schools programmes. Here are just a few examples of potential opportunities that volunteers can support:

• After school clubs

• Community clubs

• Events and festivals

• Holiday programmes

• Club Golf sessions

• Curricular support

Please contact Matt Costello, Senior Active Schools & Community Sport Officer, on 07767 830 529 or at


For further information on the types of volunteering opportunities and the benefits you can gain please click here.